Chris Wark’s Giant Cancer Fighting Salad

Giant Cancer-Fighting Salad Recipe

To strengthen your body’s ability to fight cancer, you can eat what I ate — The biggest, baddest, healthiest salad on the planet! It consists of raw organic vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, and homemade dressing. This salad is super healthy, delicious, and will fill you up without zapping your energy.

The Giant Cancer Fighting Salad

-Start with the most nutrient dense dark leafy greens: Kale and Spinach. (Do not exceed 10 cups per day)
-Broccoli (The best source of sulforaphane which promotes liver detoxification, and Indole-3-carbinol, an anticarcinogenic compound )
-Broccoli Sprouts (Concentrated sulforaphane & I3C. Do not exceed four cups of sprouts per day)
-Purple cabbage (cheapest source of antioxidants per ounce in the world!)
-Slice of red onion, (yellow or green onions may actually be better)
-Red, Yellow, or Green Peppers
-Mushrooms Bella, Cremini, Shiitake, etc.
-1/2 an Avocado
-Raw Sunflower seeds (sprouted is better)
-Raw Almonds (sprouted is better)
-Sprouted Garbanzo Beans
-Sprouted Mung Beans
-Sprouted Red or Green Lentils

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